From Climate Sinner to CO2 Darling

Startdato: 10-10-19
Tid: 17.00
Sted: DAC-salen Blox-hub

In this provocative debate, climate sinners will confess their mess and climate change-makers’ voices will be heard. Climate sinners from construction, healthcare, energy, ICT, lifestyle, transportation and other industries will tell about their challenges. And the change-making innovative companies, leading researchers, consultants, architects, clusters and entrepreneurs will contribute with innovative solutions on how we can live like tomorrow - now.


The climate challenge involves many dilemmas. Everybody wants to stop climate change, but we also want state-of the-art healthcare, fast transportation, a fashionable lifestyle, cool architecture and smarter phones.

Behind the debate are Danish clusters and innovation networks building partnerships for future climate solutions.


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Contact information: Kaspar Nielsen, Chief Project Manager, Cluster Excellence Denmark, +45 5094 9333,

Cluster Excellence Denmark | Havnen 66, Lemvig | Admiralgade 15, 2., Kbh K.|